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Since time immemorial all the people on the earth have been the Buddha Śākyamuni’s beloved children. We had not realized the relationship because we had been undutiful children. It is a unique relationship. As the moon reflects on calm water, the Buddha appears in our calm mind.

Nichiren wrote this in his Treatise on the Essence of the Lotus Sutra (Hokke Shuyō Shō). The ancient Chinese believed that society became civilized only when people recognized the debt they owe to their ancestors. As children we must grow to become independent, but that does not mean we should forget how dear we are to our parents and show gratitude for their bringing us into this world. Nichiren uses this example to remind us how dear we are to the Buddha. When we forget who we are and where we came from, our minds become disturbed and conflicted. It is through gratitude that we find peace.

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